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May 19, 2011 · Grow Tips, Harvest Time

Once your marijuana is properly dried and cured, you will want to store it in an air-tight container, in a cool, dark environment.

Colored glass jars make great storage jars for your marijuana since they don’t let in a lot of light.

When storing a small amount, place your sealed, air-tight jars in the refrigerator. A bottom drawer that gets little if any light is ideal.

Avoid storing your marijuana in the freezer. This is a common mistake.
When you freeze plant material of any kind, it changes – period. Ever notice how fresh veggies taste good and “fresh” and frozen ones don’t? The same concept applies here and just like the frozen veggies lose vitamins, your frozen marijuana buds may lose potency and flavor once you draw the moisture out by freezing them.

Only store your marijuana in the refrigerator if it is in an air-tight container. This is very important, as the refrigerator has a higher level of humidity than you want for your buds. This humidity will get in if the container/jar is not AIR-TIGHT.

If you are dealing with several jars, or just don’t want to store your marijuana in the refrigerator, then a basement corner in a house, or a cellar area will be a great place to store your marijuana buds.

The cooler temperature of a basement and less natural light getting in, make it an ideal place to store your jars of marijuana to keep them away from the elements. Again, make sure that you are using air-tight containers for long term storage. After placing your cured marijuana in the storage jars, it’s a good idea to put the full jars in a cardboard box.

Not only will the box keep people from seeing whats in the jars, but the cardboard will also block light that will deplete your marijuana’s potency if left exposed.

Wide mouth glass jars, the kind for canning, make great marijuana storage jars. If you can find the ones with the rubber “O” rings to seal in freshness – get them.

Another great product is the Food Saver Storage Jars. They make a great place to store your buds and they allow you to create an air-tight environment, any time you want.

Just remember this… Keep out moisture, Keep out light, keep outta’ my stash and we’ll be alright.

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